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  • Climbs challenge kitted out soldiers

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    PACKS ON: 1/19 RNSWR BCOY 4 Platoon’s (back) privates Will Maloney, Michaela Tolhurst, Luke Stephens, Cameron Oakley and Jeff Tolhurst, Lieutenant Peter Greening, privates Morgan Tucker and Andrew Conroy, (front) privates Hugo Newell, Andrew Schuster, Craig Carte, Sergeant Matthew Watts, Corporal Nathan Carroll and privates Kelsey Borgstahl and Michael Duddek. Photo: PHIL BLATCH 090615pbjog17Tyler’s going to take mum to FijiIt’s all about families having funRunners post new records in Edgell JogIF you thought running in the Edgell Jog was hard work, try doing it while you’re carrying a 30-kilogram pack on your back.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The men and women of the 1/19 Royal New South Wales Regiment BCOY 4 Platoon are a regular sight during the 7.5 kilometre fun run across Bathurst each year.

    The soldiers compete in uniform, carrying their full pack, except for ammunition, up and down the hills around the course.

    Private Michaela Tolhurst was among the 15 soldiers to take part this year and was back for her second year in the event.

    “It’s rewarding, it seems to make other people happy to see us,” she said.

    “People encourage you on.”

    She did admit there was some rivalry among those soldiers who take part.

    This year, Private Luke Stephens was the first member of the platoon over the line in a time of one hour two minutes and 54 seconds.

    Second was Private Andrew Conroy at 1.03.16, followed by Private Kelsey Borgstahl at 1.04.27.

    This was Private Stephens’ first time in the jog and he said carrying the heavy pack was a hard slog.

    “It was hard, it’s heavy, every single uphill bit was hard,” he said.

    “I’m exhausted, my legs are like jelly.”

    While Private Conroy agreed that carrying the pack made it harder, after the Esrom Street hill he said it was smooth-sailing.

    “Once you do Esrom it’s all downhill from there,” he said.

    While the soldiers may not have had ammunition in their packs, they did carry a wide range of items, including food ration packs, tools, sleeping kit, trenching tool, torches and ropes.

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  • Dads feted across region

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    Elly, 8, and Zac, 10, spoil their father Chris Conroy during a father’s day picnic at Lake Weeroona, which doubled as a birthday celebration. Picture: KIERAN ILES
    Nanjing Night Net

    DADS were the guests of honour at celebrations across Bendigo marking Father’s Day yesterday.

    Restaurants and cafes reported strong bookings as many grateful sons and daughters chose to fetetheir favourite male loved one.

    Zac ConroyFletch- the new book by Dustin Fletcher from Essendon – and (Formula One’s) Mark Webber’s bookAussie Gritis doing well,” she said.

    “We’ve sold a lot of military-type books.Gallipoliby Peter FitzSimons is selling well.”

    New cookbooks from Jamie Oliver and Pete Evans and the Lee Child crimenovelMake Mealso proved popular.

    Ms Woodburn said she intended to treat her dad to a new cookbook and a hamper from Bendigo Wholefoods.

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  • HUNTER HERO: Teena Fowkes, mental health carer

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    Teena Fowkes says mental health carers can get battle fatigue. Picture: Darren PatemanTEENA FOWKES
    Nanjing Night Net

    Mental Health Walk of Pride organiser

    TEENA Fowkes knows all too well that, while awareness of depression and mental illness has increased, there is still a lot of stigma attached.

    Mrs Fowkes, of Warners Bay, is on the board for Mental Health Carers ARAFMI Hunter – a service that provides support and counselling to the friends and family members of those battling mental illness.

    Her father had suffered chronic depression.

    ‘‘I think by the time I actually found ARAFMI, I was completely burnt out,’’ she said.

    ‘‘If I had have gone through ARAFMI years before, I don’t think I would have gotten to that point.

    ‘‘I think I would have understood my father’s illness more; I would have understood how to handle somebody with chronic depression better, because it can be very overwhelming living with someone who is constantly negative and very depressed.

    ‘‘It makes you very depressed as well, in many ways.

    ‘‘When I came to ARAFMI and actually had counselling and did their workshops, that’s when I felt like I actually got my life back.

    ‘‘It empowered me to be able to then go out and help other carers, and that’s what I’ve been doing.’’

    Her experiences have made Mrs Fowkes deeply passionate about destigmatising mental illness.

    She is helping to organise the 11th annual Mental Health Walk of Pride in Newcastle on October 24.

    ‘‘The walk is a fantastic way to bring the community together to show support for the people who have a mental illness, as well as their friends and families, and to bring awareness to the stigma that is still out there,’’ she said.

    ‘‘The stigma is something that we really need to break down.

    ‘‘People are told all the time to be careful who you reveal your mental illness to, because of the stigma.

    ‘‘What we try to do with the Walk of Pride is try to unite the community to show support to the people and the families that are affected by mental illness.’’

    The walk will begin at Pacific Park in Newcastle East at 10am, and end at Civic Park.

    During past events, people have come out of shops along Hunter Street to clap and cheer participants as they passed.

    ‘‘I think that helps to build the self-esteem and the confidence of the people involved,’’ she said.

    ‘‘And then when we do get to Civic Park, we have a few speakers, some entertainment and activities for the children.

    ‘‘Children are unfortunately the forgotten carers, because they can be affected as well by a parent or sibling with a mental health issue.’’

    The event also provides information and support to people in a non-clinical atmosphere.

    ‘‘The event is something we are very proud of, and we have a really good following – it usually draws in about 500 people each year, but we’d like to get more,’’ Mrs Fowkes said.

    ‘‘We also want to get the word out there about our services, as well as letting everyone know how this can affect people and their families.

    ‘‘Depression and mental illness can be very disabling.

    ‘‘I believe in ARAFMI so much. It is a wonderful service. There are not many places you can go to get free counselling these days.’’

    To find out more about the Walk of Pride, visit of the Walk of Pride site on Facebook

  • Student safety focus of new drop-off zone at East Orange Public School

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    PARKING MOVE: Orange East Public School principal Glen Bourke says a change to school parking zones in March Street will benefit parents and students.Photo: STEVE GOSCH 0903sgparking1PARENTS will be able to see their children walk to class when the morning drop-off point is relocated at Orange East Public School.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The relocation of the drop-off zone from Nile Street to March Street, as well as the creation of a disabled parking zone, was approved by Orange City Council last week.

    School principal Glen Bourke welcomed the changes, saying they would improve students’ accessibility.

    “I’m over the moon, I think we’ve got everything we wanted, the council has been great,” he said.

    “The disabled parking zone in March Street is easily accessible to the middle of the school.”

    Mr Bourke said there was currently no disabled parking at the school, but there were students starting next year who were likely to need it and there could be others in the future, as well as school visitors.

    He said the current morning drop-off zone in Nile Street had become problematic since the construction of two Building the Education Revolution (BER) buildings, which blocked parents’ line of sight, meaning they could not make sure their children were getting into the school safely.

    By moving the morning drop-off zone to March Street, he said parents would be able to see the students walk to their classrooms, while children would also have less distance to walk in inclement weather.

    Under the changes, the no parking signs for between 8am and 9.30amwill be removed from Nile Street and reinstalled in March Street, between Nile and Spring streets.

    “I think it’s a more comfortable experience for parents,” Mr Bourke said.

    “I think the majority of parents do drop off [students] or walk.”

    He said customers at Simply Nile Cafe, opposite the short-term parking zone, had also been affected by the parking restrictions.

    A date for the changes to take place has not been announced.

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  • Ryley Batt revels in the pre-Games pressure as Rio looms

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    One year away: Ryley Batt looks forward to Rio. Pic: MATT McLENNAN Ready for Rio:?Ryley Batt Pic:?MATT?McLENNAN
    Nanjing Night Net

    PORT Macquarie Paralympic hero Ryley Batt is revelling in the pressure of being the best wheelchair rugby player in the world as the calendar ticks over to a year until the start of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

    Batt is about to embark on a massive year ahead of his gold medal defence, with tournaments all over the world before Rio, which is exactly one year away today.

    The defending champs have targets on their backs, but far from being overwhelmed, Batt loves the pressure. It lifts his game.

    He’s looking to trim down slightly and gain a bit of extra speed ahead of the World Cup in London next month.

    The Cup will be an historic event for Batt and his Australian teammates. It will be run alongside the Rugby World Cup.

    “It’s pretty cool for us,” Batt said.

    Batt will hit the tournament in the best shape he’s ever been in. His gold medal motivation is simple, but he has a personal goal too. Canadian Zak Madell is nipping at Batt’s heels and a threat of taking the best player in the world tag.

    “I don’t want him to show me up,” Batt said.

    “That’s my motivation every morning now.”

    Madell is just 21. Batt’s only 26, but he’s vastly experienced.

    “I feel like I’m one of the old guys in the group now,” he said.

    He has some 200 caps, and three Paralympics under his belt, and looked forward to adding plenty more to that list.

    The English tournament is quickly followed by the Asia Oceania Champs in Japan, then a test event in Rio after Christmas, back to Japan next May and Canada in June.

    “I think New Zealand might also be thrown in there,” Batt said about a hectic “murderball” schedule.

    “It’s pretty busy, but it’s what we need.”

    He said the games being a year away was a “wake-up call”. “You might put in that extra one per cent at training or think about what you’re going to eat,” he said.

    He said a good showing in Japan was a must from the team, even though Australia had already qualified for Rio by winning the World Championships.

    “For us, it’s a bit of an experience tournament,” Batt said.

    “But we need to make sure we win it to keep our No.1 ranking.”

    “There’ll be some tough teams there.”

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  • Flight MH370 could be found in a year: Truss

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    Deputy Prime Minister and Transport Minister Warren Truss said the search for missing flight MH370 would not be expanded beyond the current area.Photo: BELINDA SOOLETHE search for missing Malaysian flight 370 could be wrapped up within a year, despite confirmation from French investigators that a part discovered on Reunion Island back in July was from the missing plane.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Speaking during a visit to the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets on Friday, Australia’s Transport Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said the identification of the flaperon last week “confirms beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost at sea”, and expressed his condolences for the families of those on-board the flight, which disappeared on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board, including six Australians.

    Mr Truss said the search would not be expanded beyond the current area, totaling 120,000 square kilometres of the southern Indian Ocean.

    “Over half of the area has been searched and there is probably the best part of another year of search ahead of us,” Mr Truss said on Friday.

    “The $60 million that we’ve committed to the current search, which has been matched by the Malaysians and they’ve added a further $20 million, that will enable us to search the highest priority areas. Once that’s completed, the experts tell us that we’ve exhausted 95 per cent of the possibility.

    “To search for the other 5 per cent would mean going on for years and years, and that would therefore not be a cost-effective exercise. So once we’ve completed this high probability area search, the countries involved have agreed that we will not extend the search further.”

    In June, the Australian-led Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre (JACC) said the search area would not be adjusted or expanded, unless credible new information came to light. The following month, the flaperon was discovered on a beach on Reunion Island. While it confirms the plane was “lost”, it does not provide any further clue to the whereabouts of MH370.

    “We are confident we are looking in the right area but of course we are frustrated that the search has been going on for such a long time without so far achieving the kind of result that we had hoped,” Mr Truss said.

    “This is a very, very difficult search. The weather has been poor in the winter, but as we move now into spring the weather conditions should improve and the vessels will be able to spend much more time in the search area.

    “We remain hopeful. We are highly confident that we’re searching in the right area. We believe we’ve got the best equipment and if it’s there, we’ll find it.”

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  • Bucket list beckons for conman Dene

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    Dene Broadbelt. File PhotoA FORMER Dubbo radio announcer labelled a “serial con artist”, “Dodgy Dene” and “the cross country conman” says he plans to retire from the media industry, move overseas and “focus on living a normal life”.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Dene Broadbelt, who also went by the names Dene Mussillon and Harrison O’Connor, was an announcer at Dubbo’s ZOO FM before gaining notoriety in the region as the driving force behind the failed Infinity Music Festival.

    Earlier this year, Mr Broadbelt made headlines when reports of an email purporting to be from an associate of his suggesting he had taken his own life were published on a national radio industry website.

    At the time, he said the events of the past two years had left him “battling a deep depression” but he hoped to reclaim his life and had plans to travel around Australia to tell his story to students as part of efforts to tackle depression and suicide.

    In July, Mr Broadbelt publicly stated he would use the proceeds of an upcoming autobiography to pay back all of his debts after he had declared himself bankrupt the previous year.

    The 22-year-old issued a media release this week confirming he had “agonised” over what to do for the past few months and had only decided in recent days to head overseas and call a halt to his media days.

    “I am really excited to be starting a new chapter in my life and am very much looking forward to the new challenges ahead,” he said.

    “I will continue to stay as focused as ever on raising awareness for mental health until the end of this year.”

    Mr Broadbelt said he had “a few things in the pipeline”.

    “There are still many important bucket list things I really want to take a shot at in my career and life,” he said.

    “Some opportunities to do things have popped up. I want to take the plunge now and chase those opportunities while I still can.”

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  • Man off road until 2018

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    A disqualified driver who was behind the wheel of a car and then gave a false name to police has added another year to his time off the road.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Dwayne Charles Bailey-Wright was already disqualified from holding a licence until 2018 when he was detected in Whylandra Street at Dubbo.

    He pleaded guilty in Dubbo Local Court to driving while disqualified and to stating a false name.

    The driver had been pulled over for a random breath test and when police did a check, they found he did not look like the person he named, court documents show.

    When told a fingerprint identification kit was coming, he told them his real name and that he’d “been inside” and only just got out.

    Magistrate Andrew Eckhold convicted Bailey-Wright of driving while disqualified, ordered him to enter into a 12-month good behaviour bond and put him off the road until 2019.

    “No doubt you feel foolish, you have got yourself disqualified for another 12 months,” he said.

    The driver was also fined $150 for stating a false name.

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  • People power aims to stop care reform

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    NSW Nurses and Midwives Association (NSW NMA) Dubbo branch president Lynn Mackander delivered the petition to Dubbo MP Troy Grant s office on Friday, alongside NSW NMA members and other concerned community members: Jodie McDonnell, Denese Towers, Ruth Shanks, Dubbo City councillor Allan Smith, Amanda Stack, Cava Chowdharyl, Mary Degraaff, Flo Ashby, Lauren Lye and Phyllis Yeo.Photo: BELINDA SOOLEMORE than 4000 people from across the Central West have signed a petition urging the state government to ensure registered nurses remained on duty 24-seven in aged care facilities with high-care residents.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Delivered to Dubbo MP Troy Grant’s office last week, the signatures were among 24,000 protesting changes to the federal government’s funding of aged care facilities, which meant individual facilities, including all five at Dubbo, were no longer required to have registered nurses on duty around the clock.

    NSW Nurses and Midwives Association (NSW NMA) Dubbo branch president Lynn Mackander said the region’s elderly residents would suffer.

    “We are asking the government to keep the legislation as it is, that requires registered nurses in nursing homes 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that optimum care can be provided to our residents in nursing homes,” Ms Mackander said.

    “An elderly person is admitted to a nursing home because of either recent falls or a dramatic decline in their condition so this is very important. At the end of day they are the most important people that we need to care for.”

    Ms Mackander fears the region’s emergency departments will also suffer.

    “The registered nurse is responsible for clinical decisions that are made to escalate if a resident is ill and needs to be admitted to a hospital,” she said.

    “If these registered nurses are removed from the nursing homes, residents will have to be transferred by ambulance to their local emergency department, [putting] a stretch on ambulance services and emergency departments.”

    Ms Mackander said palliation would be highly affected by the change, with registered nurses the only “ones permitted by their registration” to administer schedule eight drugs like morphine”.

    The matter is set to be debated in NSW Parliament from September 10, and Health Minister Jillian Skinner expected to make a decision later in the year.

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  • Time to close Nauru’s detention nightmare

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    As we see daily reports of hundreds of thousands of refugees making the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea and then trying to progress through the Balkans to reach asylum in a western European country, here in Australia we have learnt what conditions on Nauru are really like through the recommendations of the Senate Inquiry that was looking into those conditions.
    Nanjing Night Net

    As I watch thenewsI’m struck by a number of points. Firstly, the huge difference in the number of refugees trying to reach Europe compared with the relatively low number attempting the journey to Australia. It makes me wonder why successive Labor and Coalition governments have made such a fuss as they demonised the asylum seekers. The answer is clear – to whip up xenophobia, knowing that the fear of “the others”, those who are “different”, is electorally valuable.

    In contrast the major European nations do accept the refugees, even if at the moment they can’t all agree on how to accommodate the currently very large numbers. Let us hope they don’t take the advice of Messrs Abbott and Dutton.

    Another difference is that the European countries can’t play the “out of sight, out of mind”scenario, as our last three governments have done, by adopting the “Pacific Solution”.

    Which brings me back to Nauru and the Senate Inquiry, and thank goodness we have a Senate with a system of inquiries. In this sense Paul Keating’s “Unrepresentative Swill”slur against the Senate was certainly unwarranted.

    Children are being assaulted, women are unsafe, and the detention camp on Nauru cannot be allowed to continue in its current form, the Senate Inquiry report said last week.The detention centre at Nauru is badly run and despite the Australian government spending billions of dollars on the camp, its knowledge of what goes on inside is inadequate.

    Not to mention our lack of knowledge, of course, but that is presumably the government’s intention. Journalists and independent human rights groups clearly need to be allowed into the centre.

    Despite the inquiry revealing a litany of alarming allegations including child rape and sexual assault of asylum seekers, operator Transfield Services last Monday announced it had been chosen as preferred tenderer to run the government-funded detention camps at Nauru and Manus Island for another five years.

    This is despite the report saying that the camp is “not run well” and contractors Wilson and Transfield Services are not “properly accountable to the Commonwealth despite the significant investment in their services”, which totalled $1.2 billion to run Manus Island and Nauru for the last 20 months.

    The select committee’s findings were supported by Labor and the Greens, but opposed by government members who said the inquiry was unfair and politically motivated.

    The Greens’ immigration spokesperson GreensSenator Sarah Hanson-Young described the decision to renew Transfield’s contract as “shameful”.

    The committee also called for all children to immediatelybe removed from Nauru.

    It’s clear that the Nauru camp needs to be shut down, before more damage is done, and at the very least, the current contractors who are running the camp should be sacked.

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