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  • Red Devils and Savoys to make cup history

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    Red Devils and Savoys to make cup history Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER
    Nanjing Night Net

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    Wangaratta v Boomers. Picture: MARK JESSER

    TweetFacebook“First half we played well.

    “Credit to Melrose, they came at us in the second half and I suppose they had nothing to lose, did they?

    “They gave us a shake but our guys held out.

    “What more can I ask for.”

    On the ground next door, Wangaratta superstar Adam Burchell gave his supporters plenty to cheer about, scoring after just two minutes against Boomers.

    That’s how it stayed at halftime before Burchell netted his brace early in the second half to make it 2-0 to Wangaratta.

    But Boomers fought back, with playing coach Andrew Grove scoring in the 51st ​minuteto make it 2-1 in the second half.

    Wangaratta keeper Jon Shaw made several telling saves to deny Boomers a second, with the Red Devils holding on to a 2-1 win.

    “They’ll party like it’s 1999 in Wangaratta if we win it next week,” Red Devils coach Mario Antonello said.

    “I expected that we’d get there.

    “It’s really good for the club and all our supporters.

    “People are crying, but I always expected that we’d make it.”

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  • Mudgee’s best wines face judges’ scrutiny

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    Mudgee Wine Grape Growers secretary Peter Wormald helped organise the 300 plus entries on Friday afternoon.Judges at the 2015 Mudgee Wine Show will taste 1200 winesin two-and-a-half days.
    Nanjing Night Net

    There are more than 300 entries in this year’s show, and with four bottles making up each entry, it’s a lot of wine to assess in such a short amount of time.

    “The judges will taste between 120 and 130 wines a day,” wine show organiser Robert Black said.

    “That’s about the national average for a wine show judge even though it may seem like a lot to someone outside the industry.

    “We used to do around 200 plus as a judge which is ridiculous but we’re brought it down these days to give the judges enough time to assess everything.”

    Local and regional wines will pit themselves against one another for the chance to win crowned best red, best white, most successful, and best wine overall awards at the trophy dinner on Friday night.

    Mudgee Wine Grape Growers Association treasurer David Bennett said some of the 28 classes had over 30 entries this year.

    Mr Bennett said classes weren’t determined by entries but by styles of wine.

    It was only in the past few years that the wine show had enough entries for the 28th class – sparkling.

    Mudgee Wine Grape Growers secretary Peter Wormald said the number of entries was on par with previous years, especially when it came to the high number of classes with more than 15 entries.

    ”I think in one section there are 45 entries and in another there are around 30, but then again there are always a lot in the red classes.

    “I can remember a year when there were 55, 56 entries in the one red class.”

    The judges this year include Samantha Connew, chair of the Royal Sydney Wine Show; Toni Paterson, chair of the Orange Wine Show; Simon Curkovic, the head sommelier from Marque Restaurant in Sydney. Associate judges will be Morgan Juniper from Lowe Wines and Tony Brown from Lawson Park Hotel.

    Also on the judging block are the red varietal samples for the 2015 Mudgee Gold.

    While only Shiraz and Cabernet have been accepted in the past for the Mudgee Gold, the entry requirements have changed.

    “It’s been opened up to all red varieties this year,” Mr Black said.

    “We’re trying to promote the diversity of what Mudgee can do, so all of the exceptional wines from the red classes will be assessed for the Mudgee Gold.”

    The winners of the 2015 Mudgee Wine Show will be announced at the Wine Show Trophy Dinner at Parklands Resort on Friday, September 11.

    Wine lovers will be able to taste the award winning wines at Go Tasting on Saturday, September 12 at The Stables.

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  • Club victim of ‘scum’

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    HEARTBREAKING: Melrose Football Club committee member Chris Stern and president David Pye with the damage done. Picture: MARK JESSERAnother Border sporting club has been targeted by thugs, with the attack coming just 12 months after the same buildingwas set on fire.
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    It is believed two men attempted to break-in to theMelrose Football Clubon the corner of Douglas Road and Webb Street some time before 5am Saturday.

    While they were unsuccessful in gaining entry, the offenders caused a significant amount of damage, smashing bricks and knocking them from the wall of the building.

    A steel security barrier on a door was cut with bolt cutters and the door-jams were ripped off.

    Parent and committee memberChris Sternsaid it was lucky police caught the men in the act.

    “That was heavy duty steel on the door, so they were organised and it took them a while to do it,” Mr Stern said.

    “People across the road heard them and called police, who caughtthem.

    “It’s really heartbreaking they do this, they are scum and they need to get a life.

    “Why are they targeting a volunteer association?

    “Everybodyat the club pitches in a lot of time and effort to make sure the kids have a good time and everything is looked after – it’s just ridiculous.

    “It could have been really bad for us because all our stock was inside ready for our junior presentation.

    “From what we understand, they weren’t kids either, possiblyin their 20s.”

    The club was targeted by arsonistsin late August last year when bins beside the building were set alight.

    Flames burnt through a third of the ceiling andthere was light smoke damage throughout the building.

    The latest attack has left the club unable to use the canteen for two weeks.

    Mr Stern said although it was only one section of the building, it was an inconvenience for the club.

    “We have had to clear all stock out and put it in freezers for now,” he said.

    “We are doing the catering for the Albury-Wodonga Football Association grand final next Sunday so we were teed up to use the facility to sell food.

    “Now we will have to move the food prep elsewhere.”

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  • Jocelyn returns from‘life-changing’ experience as volunteer in Cambodia

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    Mudgee’s Jocelyn McDonald has returned home after volunteering for six months in Cambodia.Mudgee’s Jocelyn McDonald has returned home after six months working at organisations in Cambodia and, with the support of locals, helping to improve the lives of the children they support.
    Nanjing Night Net

    “It was the most amazing experience of my life and if I had the money I would go back tomorrow,” she said.

    With a windfall from a Club Mudgee joker draw and donations through her GOFUNDMe account, Jocelyn set off to the south eastern Asian country working with International Volunteer HQ.

    She worked with a program called KSEDO, which unlike an orphanage aims to support and work with the children’s families and villages in the hope that one day they can return home.

    In the final few months Jocelyn was working with an orphanage for children aged 0-5 years.

    With the help of Mudgee Rotary she was able to organise an expansion of the boys’ sleeping quarters at KSEDO where previously up to five boys were sleeping on double mattresses.

    “We were able to extend the building by three metres, which made a huge difference,” she said.

    “Also the roof was full of holes and we were able to replace it.

    “With the amount of rain they get in the wet season, which is around now, they can get flooding so we also managed to raise the building by a metre.

    “But it was amazing. We hired a builder to do it and we gave work to the community as well and they had it done in less than a week.

    “That was without any power tools and even raising the building was done by hand.

    “They then recycled the material that was taken off the building and were able to build a shelter for where they do their washing and prepare the food so now they’ve got some cover.”

    She added, “I really want to thank Rotary because with their contribution they made a huge difference for that orphanage and without their financial help we wouldn’t have been able to get it done.

    “It made the biggest difference to all of those kids and the money stretched so much further over there.

    “I’d also like to thank Narelle Martin who ran a raffle for me and was able to raise the money to be donated to the second orphanage I was at, which was used for food, clothing, bedding, and medication.”

    Jocelyn said given the opportunity she would head off again – although she said she is also currently looking for work – and if she could it would have to be the same destination.

    “It was very hard to leave,” she said.

    “I made some very strong connections with the orphanages I worked at and have been told that I’m more than welcome to come back and help whenever I want.

    “The whole village came to see me off at the airport, which was amazing and emotional.

    “The people over there are incredible. They’ve been through so much with the war and the Khmer Rouge which was horrendous, but they’re the happiest people you will ever come across.

    “I’ve made some great Cambodian friends as well who are tuk tuk drivers, shop owners, or work in the markets, that I still talk to now on Skype and Facebook.

    “So I would definitely go back to Cambodia.”

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  • Shining a light on refugee crisis: candle-lit rally at 6pm to show concern

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    LET’S SHOW OUR HUMANITY: Janelle Bicknell, who has been an outspoken refugee advocate, will be at Monday night’s rally on the lawns of the Orange Uniting Church in Anson Street. Photo: JANICE HARRIS 0906jhrallyORANGE residents concerned about the Syrian refugee crisis are urged to gather on the lawns of the Wesley Uniting Church in Anson Street at 6pm tonight as part of the nationwide Light the Dark initiative.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Refugee advocates and members of the Orange Social Justice Group called for the Abbott government to do more to help refugees, in Saturday’s Central Western Daily.

    Janelle Bicknell gave an impassioned plea for Australia to accept more refugees at a public meeting in Orange last year, organised by Amnesty International.

    “This is about humanity, not politics,” she said.

    Neil Jones from the Social Justice Group agrees.

    “Our rally will be apolitical,” he said.

    Ms Bicknell believes the confronting image of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi washed ashore on a Turkish beach, has prompted a compassionate shift in public opinion about Australia’s approach to accepting refugees.

    Apart from humanitarian concerns, she believes Australia has a particular responsibility.

    “We have contributed to the destabilisation of the Middle East and this terrible treatment of asylum seekers by Australia is deliberate, to act as a disincentive for refugees to come here – I’m speaking from my heart,” she said.

    Mr Jones, who announced tonight’s Light The Dark gathering at the Uniting Church yesterday, said it would be a chance for Orange residents to join with people gathering throughout Australia, including in Sydney’s Hyde Park, to show how much they care.

    “I have to say I was very emotional, overcome with tears when I made the announcement,” he said.

    Orange Social Justice Group member Helen Croke said she wanted to see more of a global approach to offering help to distressed refugees.

    “And we are just one country who can play its part,” she said.

    Mr Jones encouraged people to bring their own candles.

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