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  • Can we show some pride in our city?

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    For some time now concerns have been expressed by many, at the presentation of both the paving and shopfronts which make up our Central Business District.
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    It is noted with both concern and interest, an answer given at the Tamworth City Centre Working Group on November 25 to aquestion raised by committee member Richie Thornton, concerning the need for pavers to be cleaned.

    The reply, from a responsible council staff member who was present, was to the effect that “current budget restraints” prevented a full cleaning programme being undertaken?

    One must ask where priorities are set when we can not afford to keep Peel St clean, but we can afford $20,000 for a new mayoral chain, or thousands of dollars removing trees, plus of course, the playground in Kable avenue.

    To have a “dirty house” is a very poor example to our young people.

    Until council cleans up the street paving for which it is responsible, it is rather hypocritical for it to approach property owners/occupiers to maintain their premises to an acceptable standard, as should be done promptly.

    Can we please have some display of pride in our City.

    Reg Brody


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  • Family tractor shines

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    WHEELS OF TIME: This model may be nine years older than Darren Lutze, but such is the special bond between man and his tractor. Picture: ANDREA CROTHERS.A Massey-Harristractor has passed through three generations and three different states to call Mount Isa home.
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    The proud owner,Darren Lutze,exhibited the relicat the Buffs Club Show’n’Shine event on Sunday.

    It was the prized possession’s second outing since its extreme makeover.

    The tractor had been in the Lutze family since Werner Lutze, Darren’s grandfather, first purchased it in 1958 in South Australia.

    Darren LutzeThe Lutze family’s 1954 Ford truck which Darren used to ride to school in.

    Loaded up and ready to embark on the more than 2500-km journey from Victoria to Mount Isa.

    Prior to the makeover.

    BOYS TOYS: Darren Lutze believes this is one of only a dozen fully running Massey-Harris 745s in all of Australia.

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  • Marine Rescue design talks ongoing

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    Town Beach kiosk and Marine Rescue headquartersDISCUSSIONS about options for an amendment to the design for the Town Beach Kiosk and Marine Rescue radio base will continue following another meeting in Port Macquarie between council representatives and Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos.
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    Marine Rescue NSW Port Macquarie unit commander Neil Yates said the kiosk was now closed as it was not viable to continue ordering stock with the impending closure for the building renovations.

    He said the radio base operations would be moving temporarily to the boat shed at Westport within two to four weeks depending on the outcome of ongoing talks between Commissioner Tannos and council.

    “I’m hopeful we’ll get a result,” Mr Yates said.

    “Council obviously has to talk to the architect about options but I hope we can get by with an amendment and not have to look at a new DA (development application).”

    In response to a request for comment from council, Port News received the following statement:

    Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s general manager Craig Swift-McNair and infrastructure and asset Management director Jeffery Sharp are having ongoing discussions with Commissioner Tannos regarding the Marine Rescue building upgrade works.

    Commissioner Tannos has put forward some proposed design changes and council is currently seeking advice from its architect on these.

    Council is keen to commence construction works, and a progress report will be presented at the September council meeting.

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  • Leave children tomake up their own minds

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    I abhor child abuse. I also know that some parents engage in it because they know no different.
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    The child abuse to which I am forcefully opposed is the induction of children into a specific religion.

    This type of abuse allows no error of judgment. The enforcer is always correct, even though they have no physical evidence to display.

    Take this sentences published in a major newspaper:

    “It is not the role of teachers to police their students, nor is it to act as intelligence officers spying on children on behalf of the government.”

    Some teachers and parents posted messages, saying they were telling their students or children to pray in the playground “rather than have their names enlisted”.

    Why is it necessary to pursue children into their school to enforcereligious instruction?

    Why cannot children be left alone until they do make up their own mind?

    There are so many religions, all of whom cannot pass the “Chinese Whisper” test, it is actually laughable.

    Neil Forscutt

    Willow Tree

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  • ‘It takes a a village to raise a child’

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    National Child Protection Week runs from September 6 to 12. It’s the week we promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.
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    I want to focus on what happens to a young person when they are abused and what treatment looks like for them.

    I often find that people think moving abused young people into safe environments is a solution, but it isn’t. It is just the first step.

    In 2013-14, Child Protection Services reports that 143,023 children received protection services. These young people weren’t being provided with a safe and stable environment during their most formative years.

    To cope with this, these kids develop the ability to detect threats quickly and develop responses that increase their chances of survival.

    The behaviours and responses developed during this time can range from: fleeing from danger, making themselves seem scary and tough, taking on the responsibilities that are generally that of a parent or by blocking out the world around them.

    After moving them into a safer environment, these young people still have over-active threat detection systems, which can lead to considerable problems for them.

    They may still scan their environment, constantly looking for danger, which can lead to poor focus (in or outside of the classroom). They may have anger issues and can be triggered by the slightest of problems. They might try to manage their emotions in unsafe ways – through damaging property, threatening others or consuming illicit substances.

    Even more troubling is their inability to trust anyone. It’s so difficult to treat and nurture these young people because they often have a deep-seated negative view of the people and world around them.

    Working with these young people is difficult and it’s important to remember what they’ve been through.

    First, a certain level of trust must be built in order to move forward with them. After that, it’s important to work with a young person to help them manage their emotions, heal from the pain they have experienced, and build relationships with others.

    Youth Off The Streets approaches this using the Circle of Courage framework and restorative practices.

    This is a holistic approach to reclaiming children and young people that is grounded in resilience and in values of deep respect for their dignity.

    The Circle of Courage evolved from an anthropological comparison of child development between Western and Native North American cultures.

    Native North American cultures regard children as spiritual creations (the Lakota Sioux word for child is translated as “sacred being”).

    Youth Off The Streets is committed to building this approach across all services and programs, and seeksto cultivate an environment thatpromotes attachment (belonging), competence (mastery), power (independence), and virtue (generosity) for the young people we work with to support them to achieve positive life choices.

    One of my favourite saying is “it takes a village to raise a child” and in this case it is absolutely true. Community members, services, youth workers and psychologists must work together for the benefit of the young person. Only through this collaborative approach can we unlock their full potential.

    It’s not enough to simply move young people into a safer environment.

    The community must come together to ensure that once they are safe that these young people get the help they need only through this can we unlock their full potential.

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