• Leave children tomake up their own minds

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    I abhor child abuse. I also know that some parents engage in it because they know no different.
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    The child abuse to which I am forcefully opposed is the induction of children into a specific religion.

    This type of abuse allows no error of judgment. The enforcer is always correct, even though they have no physical evidence to display.

    Take this sentences published in a major newspaper:

    “It is not the role of teachers to police their students, nor is it to act as intelligence officers spying on children on behalf of the government.”

    Some teachers and parents posted messages, saying they were telling their students or children to pray in the playground “rather than have their names enlisted”.

    Why is it necessary to pursue children into their school to enforcereligious instruction?

    Why cannot children be left alone until they do make up their own mind?

    There are so many religions, all of whom cannot pass the “Chinese Whisper” test, it is actually laughable.

    Neil Forscutt

    Willow Tree

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