• Lyle sets tour course

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    PGA golfer Jarrod Lyle will use today’s Mallee Regional Pro-Am as a means to get back into the swing of competing at tournaments as he prepares for the United States in October.
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    PGA golfer Jarrod Lyle will be getting back into the swing of things at the Mildura Golf Resort today. Picture: 梧桐夜网ABC.net419论坛

    Lyle will spend the next week touring the Murray region taking part in tournaments, but after taking some time away from the fairways since June, he is not looking to set milestones.

    “I saw this as a good opportunity to play tournament golf all week and try to keep my match fitness,” he said.

    After his Pro-Am tour, Lyle will continue preparing for a stint in the United States where he will play at tournaments at Napa Valley in California, Las Vegas and Mississippi­­­ before returning for an early summer season in Australia.

    Looking ahead to October meant he wasn’t concerned with meeting handicaps.

    “I’ve got five days of pro-am golf ahead of me. I want to go out there and shoot well and get in as low as possible each day, but I just want to play well and if I’m competitive it will be a confidence boost for me,” he said.

    He turned professional in 2004 and played on the nationwide tour in 2006, finishing 18th on the money list and earning his PGA tour card for 2007.

    He won two tournaments, the Mexican Open and the Knoxville Open, in 2008, finishing fourth on the money list and earning a PGA tour card again for 2009.

    Over his career Lyle has played in the British Open and the US Open, with more than $2 million in prize money banked. Hailing from Shepparton, Lyle said he had a soft spot for regional golf clubs, but in all, was a huge fan of Australian golf.

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  • Ulverstone Antiques and Collectables Fairpictures, photos

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    Ulverstone Antiques and Collectables Fair | pictures, photos 2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.
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    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

    2015 Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Ulverstone Rowing Club.

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  • Kelly eyes Sandown milestone

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    JACK Daniel’s Racing V8 supercar driver Rick Kelly is looking to break through at Sandown this weekend and claim his first 500km long two-driver race win.
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    Kelly has finished on the podium at the pre-Bathurst warm up three times, including in 2006, when he fell only a 10th of a second short of victory.

    In eight Sandown 500 starts, Kelly has an average finishing position of 7.1, with success this year rounding out his trophy cabinet that includes a championship crown, two Bathurst 1000s, and a Clipsal 500 title.

    Sandown has seen Kelly climb to the top-step of the podium once previously, with a pole-to-finish domination of a wet sprint race in 2011, with elder brother Todd finishing third.

    Rick Kelly will once again be joined for the endurance season by David Russell, who lines up for his fifth straight year in Jack Daniel’s colours, with the duo recently completing a successful test day at Winton Raceway.

    “It certainly is an exciting time of the year,” Kelly said. “We’ve had an up and down start to the season, like a lot of teams seemed to have.

    “We’ve had some fantastic results, but for me it’s moving into an exciting time.

    “To share the car with David Russell in particular it’s a great thing for us.

    With only four of the combinations in the top-10 championship points featuring co-drivers who have a regular drive, Russell’s miles this year in various categories should put him in good stead.

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  • Sullivan has no plans to call it quits after 2015 Group 10 decider

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    HERE WE COME: Orange CYMS are preparing for Sunday’s Group 10 grand final, and coach Mick Sullivan says he’d like to continue playing beyond 2015. Photo: NICK MCGRATH 0905nmsullivanRUGBY LEAGUE
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    ORANGE CYMS coach Mick Sullivan says Sunday’s Group 10 grand final isn’t likely to be his last, despite speculation the former NRL gun may retire at the end of the 2015 season.

    The three-time premiership winner has named as near a full-strength side as possible ahead of Sunday’s Group 10 premier league grand final at Wade Park, and will line-up in his fifth grand final since signing with the club at the end of the 2009 season.

    Sullivan’s determined it won’t be his last either.

    “I want to have another big off-season,” he said.

    “I’m not treating Sunday’s game as my last, albeit if there’s another major injury it will be.

    “I’d still like to retire on my terms, and to have one really good year personally would be a fitting way to go out.”

    Returning from a one-game suspension, Riley Law slots straight back into the green and golds’ backrow for the clash with Lithgow Workies, while Logan Pocklington could defy a serious facial injury to take his place on CYMS’ bench for the final game of the season.

    The presence of the kiwi wrecking ball would be a huge one for CYMS if he recovers in time for Sunday’s game.

    Despite missing arguably his side’s most consistent performer in lock Tim Mortimer, who had a knee reconstruction on his left knee on Friday, Sullivan was rapt to be able to call on a side that’s been consistently strong throughout the 2015 season.

    It’s the sort of continuity CYMS lacked throughout 2014.

    “I guess I knew it’d be hard with some travellers, but they’ve fitted in really well,” he said.

    “Apart from Timmy and Logan, who is a possibility of missing the grand final with his eye, we’ve had a good run.

    “We’ve had a couple of set backs with Riley … but in saying that the two weeks off for us has been good to freshen up a few guys.

    “There’s a few guys carrying niggles, but it’s grand final week, who isn’t.”

    ORANGE CYMS: 1 Tim Bassmann, 2 Robbie Mortimer, 3 Jermone Harrison, 4 Ben McAlpine, 5 Semisi Katoa, 6 Matt Rose, 7 Mick Sullivan, 8 Cam Jones, 9 Sam Hill, 10 Simon Osborne, 11 Riley Law, 12 Trent Rose, 13 Kyran Bubb; 14 Scott Sullivan, 15 Logan Pocklington, 16 Ben Gosper, 17 Luke Petrie, 18 Wayne Colletts.

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  • Refresh your library at book swap

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    Mudgee Underground and the Mudgee Readers’ festival are banding together to bring a book swap night to Roth’s Wine bar in October. Pictured are Portia Lindsay from the Mudgee Readers’ Festival and Sam Paine from Mudgee Underground.Deciding that one book-based event in town just wasn’t enough, Mudgee Underground have teamed up with the Mudgee Readers’ Festival to bring a book swap evening to the region.
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    As well as giving people the opportunity to bring along a book they no longer need and swapping it for something new, the Book Swap will feature readings from Reader’s Festival chair Susie Bennett, local author Summer Land, and Readers’ festival author Luke Carman.

    There will also be live illustrations from artist Sam Paine.

    Sam Paine from Mudgee Underground said the event came about through the suggestion of the Mudgee Readers’ Festival committee.

    “The committee wants to see a bit more happening throughout the year, so there’ll be a few events spread across the next 12 months in the lead up to the 2016 festival,” he said.

    Mr Paine said the Book Swap was a relaxed, fun approach to the Readers’ Festival that he hoped everyone would enjoy.

    “We’re hoping to get a whole range of stories, and not just novels,” he said.

    Mudgee Readers’ Festival vice-chair and Book Swap organiser Portia Lindsay said after a successful 2015 Readers’ Festival, the committee was keen to put on some satellite events that would appeal to the literary community.

    “Partnering with like-minded organisations such as Mudgee Underground and the Mudgee Library is a fun way to do this and Book Swap gives us the opportunity to use local talent,” she said.

    Ms Lindsay said that while a few people had expressed joking concern about parting with their favourite book, as long as you brought along a book or two of any kind than there was nothing to worry about.

    “We’re hoping this event will appeal to local book clubs, avid readers, Readers’ Festival-goers, and anyone who would enjoy a glass of wine at the lovely Roth’s and a friendly bookish chat with some light entertainment,” she said.

    The Book Swap will take place at Roth’s Wine Bar on Wednesday, October 28 from 6.30pm.

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  • Welcome boost for job prospects

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    SATURDAY’S announcement that the $16 million Cadbury funding had been diverted to a jobs and investment fund is welcome news.
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    It finally brings down the curtain on the controversial funding saga that dates back to before the 2013 federal election when Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised the grant to help the chocolatier upgrade its facilities at Claremont.

    It was a controversial decision at the time, particularly after the government had just rejected a $25 million request for assistance from SPC for its Ardmona cannery in Shepparton.

    In March this year, Cadbury announced that it had scrapped its application for the grant, saying that it was unable to meet the criteria to unlock the funding.

    The company then axed 80 jobs from its Southern-based factory.

    What followed was a game of Tasmanian political upmanship, with politicians and community groups taking turns at staking their claim on the unclaimed funding treasure trove.

    Unsurprisingly, Denison Independent MHR Andrew Wilkie was first to throw his hat in the ring, demanding the money be spent in the state’s South, claiming unemployment in his seat was among the highest in the state.

    One can only assume Mr Wilkie simply overlooked the North, North-East, West and North-West in his calculations.

    Bass Liberal MHR Andrew Nikolic returned fire, saying the funds were not linked to the South.

    However, given Tasmania’s parlous jobless footing, Saturday’s announcement of a $24 million kitty for a jobs and investment fund is the right call, despite Mr Wilkie calling the decision a “betrayal of the people of Glenorchy”.

    Given the North and North-West’s disproportionately high unemployment rate compared with the rest of the state, one can only hope that the majority of that $24 million manages to find its way to programs based on actual needs rather than being a case of the noisiest wheel getting the most oil.

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  • Singing hits the right chord with wellbeing

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    I GLANCE to my left and see a line of puffed-up chests. Chins are lifted, eyes the same, or squeezed shut.
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    The chests, they puff with words and breath that climb in a collective up-current like those that catch sheets on clothes lines or carry dandelion seeds away.

    Me, I struggle to squeeze the words out my suddenly swollen throat.

    All the voices: the young ones, the old ones, the tenors, the sopranos, the soft ones, the bellowy ones, the gifted ones, the tone-deaf ones; they all muddle to make one magnificent noise, one hallowed space.

    We could be anywhere.

    Anywhere they sing – at the footy, in a choir, at the Olympics, at a state event, at a concert, at a rally or at church.

    We could be singing anything: the national anthem, a team song, a chart-topper, a ballad or a hymn.

    Singing releases endorphins (the pleasure hormone) and oxytocin, the hormone that both reduces stress and strengthens feelings of trust and connection.

    Countless studies vouch for the benefits of singing – particularly collective singing – on our social and emotional wellbeing.

    Musician Brian Eno suggested that group singing weaves a kind of magic because of the shift of focus from “me” to “us”.

    I like that.

    Because when we’re at the footy belting out our team’s tune after a win, there’s a solidarity with the other crazies waving their striped scarves.

    Singing brings us together.

    I mean, it’s kinda weird when you think about it.

    At church on a Sunday I often wonder what it would be like for someone who’s never been in a church context before, to be invited to “stand and sing”.

    But the whole standing in rows, filling our chests to blow meaning into the air – that’s not a church thing.

    It’s a human thing – crossing race, tongue, class, sex and whatever other social divide.

    Singing is an act of unity.

    The Bible is full of singing, full of instruction to sing as an expression of joy, unity and obedience.

    The Psalms are an obvious starting point. An example: “I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.” (Psalm 59:16)

    Oh, how I relate to these words.

    Sometimes the day begins sour.

    There’s no hot water left. The kids are agitated. It’s Monday. You sleep long but wake exhausted.

    For whatever reason, black threatens to soot your heart before you’ve finished your first coffee.

    That’s when we should sing.

    When I’m lucid enough to identify the threat, I put on some music that turns thoughts of myself to thoughts of God’s love for me.

    I sing in the kitchen with the kids giggling and the dishes clanging as I stack them on the sink. And the black greys.

    It’s little wonder what those studies show about group singing.

    I could’ve told the same from my Sunday observations down the row of chests puffed, wet cheeks and pulses running away.

    “Then sings my soul, my Saviour, God, to thee,

    “How great thou art, how great thou art.”

    As words on a page they look like a sepia photo of some old folks in tweed.

    But let me tell you, when those words are propelled heavenward in one great collective, well, as the lyrics suggest, it’s no longer only the mouth that sings.

    (The Launceston Hymnfest is on this Sunday, 2.30pm at St John’s Anglican Church – arranged and performed by internationally renowned conductor Monte Mumford.)

    Read more of Claire van Ryn’s musings at 梧桐夜网faithlikeamushroom.wordpress南京夜网 or follow her page on Facebook.

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  • Motorcyclist, 24, killed in Hobart

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    A 24-YEAR-OLD man died from his injuries hours after crashing a motorbike that burst into flames in the Hobart suburb of Mount Stuart.
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    The Geilston Bay man was taken to hospital with burns and in a critical condition after he had crashed into a power pole on Elphinstone Road, near the Mount Stuart Road intersection, at 2pm.

    Tasmania Police said the man failed to make a right corner on his Yamaha 650cc motorbike. Bystanders had assisted the man with first aid before being taken to the Royal Hobart Hospital.

    Police advised that the man died about 11pm.

    The road between Toorak Avenue and Mount Stuart Road intersections was closed while crash investigations were conducted. The road was opened two hours later.

    Police would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the crash, or saw the motorbike before the collision.

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  • St Mary’s buildings open to public for diocese anniversary

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    St Mary’s in Mudgee will celebrate 150 years of the Catholic Diocese in Bathurst with a series of events through September.
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    St Mary’s Catholic Church in Mudgee will hold a series of events throughout September to celebrate 150 years of the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst.

    On Friday, September 25, at 7pm, there will be a wine and cheese evening with music and poetry readers at the Parish Centre (formerly St Matthew’s Convent). Gold coin donation.

    On Saturday, September 26, at 11am, a guided history talk will take participants through buildings not usually open to the public. The guided history tour will include:

    – St Mary’s beginnings in 1873 as a slab church to the present day.;

    – An explanation of the beautiful stained glass windows;

    – The sanctuary and sacristy from the previous church built in 1860 which was incorporated into the present St Mary’s (C1876).

    The following buildings will be open to the public from 11am -1pm only:

    – The Presbytery (C1851) is the oldest building in Mudgee still used for the original purpose it was built.

    – St Matthew’s Convent of Mercy ( C. 1880) was built to house the Sisters of Mercy, girls school and boarding pupils. You will able to view the cells the Sisters lived in and their own chapel.

    – The Monsignor Flanagan Hall (C1860) where Henry Lawson attended school under the guidance of his teacher Mr Charles Kevin.

    On Sunday, September 27, a family Mass will be held from 9am, with a lucky door prize with stalls, jumping castle, raffles. Tea and coffee will be available.

    St Mary’s will also host the annual Police Remembrance Day on Tuesday, September 29, with a Service at 10.30am.

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  • Crowd was our sixth man: Donte

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    NICE FIT: Star Bandits import Donte Nicholas said the capacity crowd at Lauren Jackson Sports Centre were paramount to getting the team over the line.
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    THE 1200-strong crowd which squeezed into the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre on Saturday night to witness the Albury-Wodonga Bandits conference championship win wasthe difference between the two sides, according to Donte Nicholas.

    The Bandits prevailed in a nail-biting affair, 84-78, over perennial SEABL finalists Geelong.

    “You can’t even put a word to it,” said Nicholas, one half with Cory Dixonof the Bandits’ dynamic import combination.”It’s immeasurable the support that everybody’s been giving us this year.

    “I didn’t know what to expect (coming in), but immediately you could see the town getting around us, as they say here, andsupporting us and it was real good.

    “I think they were probably like the sixth man today, without them, we probably wouldn’t have won it.”

    Nicholas, who tallied 14 points, 10 rebounds and five assists in the decider,said the title reflects the effort put in by the entire roster.

    “Immediately coming in, we knew we had a special group — a lot of talent,” he said.”But talent doesn’t win anything, you gotta put the hard work in and the results are showing from it.

    And he said they wouldn’t let up going into next week’s league title bid against Mt Gambier in Dandenong.

    “If we put ourselves in the position to seize the opportunity like we did today, we can do it one more time,” he said.”Then we’ll celebrate and bring it back to Albury-Wodonga.”

    HOME-TOWN SUPPORT: Bandits’ fans packed the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre on Saturday night and were in full voice, cheering their heroes on to the SEABL conference title. Pictures: MARK JESSER

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